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7 South Korea Moves Forward on Nationwide Public-Safety Network Buildout. 기사보기 Radio Resource International Magazine 2019-09-20
6 Critical communications networks: planning for transition 기사보기 Critical Communications Today 2019-09-18
5 South Korea’s Safe-Net Forum, TCCA partner to drive critical communications adoption 기사보기 Telecom Drive 2019-08-29
4 Safe-Net Forum, TCCA sign MoU 기사보기 Comms Critical 2019-08-29
3 South Koreas Safe-Net Forum Signs MoU with TCCA 기사보기 Radio Resource International 2019-08-28
2 South Korea’s Safe-Net Forum and TCCA sign MoU 기사보기 Critical Communications Today 2019-08-28
1 South Korea’s Safe-Net Forum and TCCA sign MoU to formalise cooperation in advancing critical comm… 기사보기 TCCA 2019-08-28